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Fellows Workshops

Here you have an overview of the workshops on offer. In the next step you can choose one:

Religion and Media
Organization – DW Akademie

At first glance, religion and the media do not get along: When journalists are committed to objectivity, research and careful verification of statements, then there is a natural distrust of anything that is inexplicable. Religions are also often seen as triggers and drivers of conflicts. And many media people find it difficult to deal professionally with religious dignitaries at eye level. In the workshop, we will examine stereotypes as well as prejudices and look for ways in which the media can report on religious issues in an unbiased, factual and yet empathetic way.  

Media in post pandemic times
Organization – DW Akademie
Since the global outbreak of Covid-19, the virus has dominated news coverage in many places. In consequence, many other important issues have been left untouched, and some have been covered only from the perspective of the pandemic. In this workshop, we will take a critical look at the predominance of pandemic reporting in some parts of the world and examine the development of science journalism and how statistics are handled in mainstream media. We will analyse pressing issues and look at how the pandemic will continue to influence media coverage.

Producing Podcasts 
Organization- DW Akademie
With manageable effort and little equipment, podcasts can reach a broad, especially young audience. In this workshop, we will give hints for your podcast to be successful, as it is important to find the balance between professionalism and the right pinch of authenticity. Then it will stand out from the crowd and find its specific niche in all the diversity.

Story-Pitching – how to sell a story
Organization - DW Akademie

How to deliver the perfect presentation to arouse interest among media professionals? The truth is that addressing the media is an art and a craft. The goal of a media pitch is to convince the media outlet of being interested in featuring your product, brand or newsworthy item. We will have a look on the ingredients of successful story pitching.

How to tackle disinformation
Organization – German Foreign Office
The media landscape has changed dramatically over the past decades. New digital platforms have helped to create innovative ideas for communication and greater global reach than at any other point in history. On the other hand, the spread of disinformation is accelerating at rapid speed and affecting the way news spread and topics are interpreted. The Covid pandemic as well as foreign policy crises and inner-societal debates are surrounded by vast mis- and disinformation. State- and non-state actors are employing considerable resources to establish propaganda ecosystems. How do these developments affect the strategic communication of nations and the democratic discourse in liberal societies? How can we counter disinformation without endangering freedom of expression and investigative journalism?

On Foreign Ground
Team Leader – Tom Heinemann

Collaborations among journalists in cross border investigations can be a very powerful tool when it comes to creating impact. However, there are loopholes and issues of security that must be addressed beforehand. And there are ethical issues that needs to be solved before start.
This workshop takes you through the challenges in working together with a colleague from abroad, and it will give a good “lessons learnt” when it comes to do un-biased reporting by using the best investigative tools.

  • 26.05.2022
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