DW Global Media Forum 2023 – Alumni: digital Fellow networking event with Can Dündar

20.12.2023 - 20.12.2023

2023-12-20 14:00:00

DW Global Media Forum 2023 – Alumni: digital Fellow networking event with Can Dündar

The Global Media Forum is DW’s global platform at which international partners can connect and strengthen their relations with representatives from the fields of journalism, digital media, politics, culture, business, development, academia, and civil society. The focus theme of this year’s conference has been “Overcoming divisions”.

This December, DW exclusively offers you and other GMF fellowship program alumni another more highly interesting digital networking event in the digital realm. We look forward to continuing the conversation with you.
Please register here for "Exile journalism on the rise" with Can Dündar, Turkish journalist, documentary filmmaker and author:
Date: December 20, 2023
Time: 14.00-15.00 CET  
Title: Exile journalism on the rise with Can Dündar, Turkish journalist, documentary filmmaker and author
Host: Edith Kimani, DW

Can Dündar is a journalist and a writer. He worked for newspapers and magazines, produced TV documentaries, and worked as an anchorman for news channels for the last 43 years. He stepped down from his post as the editor-in-chief of the daily Cumhuriyet in 2016 after he was jailed for 3 months and survived an assassination attempt. Can Dündar was sentenced to 27,5 years of imprisonment in absentia due to his story on Turkey’s secret arms transfer to Syria. Now living in exile in Germany, he writes for newspaper Die Zeit and makes documentaries for DW and another German public broadcaster, ZDF. He is the writer of 43 books. 
Can Dündar will give an insight in what it is like to work in exile. Why did he have to leave his country? What does his work in exile look like? How does he follow news? How can one maintain a network from a distance?
Edith Kimani is a renowned Kenyan journalist and television presenter with a remarkable career covering significant events and issues in Africa and beyond. Recognized for her strong news judgment, engaging style, and fearless interviewing techniques, Kimani hosts DW's award winning Africa flagship programme at DW - "The 77 Percent". You all know Edith from moderating the DW Global Media Forum, as well.

For those interested in attending the event, kindly fill in the information asked on the next page.  We have a maximum capacity of 100 participants. Once you have registered, we will send you the link to attend the session.

We also sincerely hope to get to meet you again in person at the DW Global Media Forum 2024 in Bonn next June. You can already look forward to a variety of new workshops and exciting theme to come!

See you on December 20 with Edith Kimani and Can Dündar.

With kind regards,
Priya Mohan
and the DW Global Media Forum team

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