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06.07.2017 - 09.07.2017

2017-07-06 10:00:00

Flying Circus - Faszination Alpinflug 2017

Flying Circus 2017
The 22th international Glider Festival in Fiss / Tyrol and on the Schönjöchl under the motto "Fascination Alpine flight".

The program is in full swing! And the highlights in 2017 are worth seeing.

From 6 to 9 July 2017 meet again international model pilots who are infected by the virus "Alpine flight", to pursue their passion: The alpine slope and thermal flying.

The preliminary program

Thursday, 06/07/2017
from 10:00 Free Flying on the Schönjöchl 2500m

Friday, 07/07/2017
from 10:00 Free Flying on the Schönjöchl
from 11:00 Wing-Golf Trophy
from 21:00 nightflight show on the parking lot of the base station of the cable car.
45 minutes free flying for those who want to join.
Glider aerobatics over Fiss with the Red Bull Blanix-Team.
from 22:00 HORIZON Night Flight Show!

Saturday, 08/07/2017
from 10:00 Free Flying on the Schönjöchl,
from 19:00 Flying Circus Dinner in the Hexenalm, raffle and party with live music

Sunday, 09/07/2017
from 10:00 Free hangover flying on the Schönjöchl

Welcoming the participants of the 1st International IGG meeting
Briefing and first flights of the participants

In the morning aero-tow at 2500 m!
Daily (exept Friday) from 12:00 Free Flying on the Perdatscher Bichl at 1500 m (with supervision)

For Registration of IGG-members there is an extra registration online form available

Monday, 10/07/2017 - Tuesday, 12/07/2017
from 10:00 IGG meeting
: free flying for big scale gliders on the Schönjöchl

During all days, a shuttle bus to transport the models from the mountain station to the airport Schönjöchl and a shuttle bus to transport large models of the base station to the Schönjöchl will be available. A (heated) Gastro Pavilion at 2500 m offers hot and cold beverages and tasty snacks.

Invitation to the 1st International IGG meeting
Slope soaring at 2500 m is a unique experience that can not be compared with the flying in the plain. And why should not even the members of the IGG take this opportunity to meet on an exceptional airfield for international exchange and to fly together.
Those who would like to participate, may subscribe via the online registration form available in a few days. A newsletter will inform you regularly about all program points. Likewise, links are included for arrival and hotel booking.

The schedule is as follows:
Friday, 07/07/2017
Saturday, 08/07/2017
Model transport on the mountain, enjoy the Flying Circus event, acclimate, perhaps have some flights ...
Sunday, 09/07/2017
Official welcome of IGG members, briefing, flying
Monday, 10/07/2017
Scale glider flying until 16:00
Tuesday, 11/07/2017
Scale glider flying until 16:00
Wednesday, 12/07/2017
Scale glider flying until 16:00
End of the meeting

We hope to have a lot of interest and many participants from all IGGs in the world ;-)

Best regards

Gerd Holzner and the Flying Circus organizing team

www.flying-circus.de info@flying-circus.de
fon +49 7033 3069912 and +49 171 3420718

Flying Circus Events Foto.
Flying Circus Events Foto.

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Location Map

6533, Fiss

Europas höchstgelegener Modellflugplatz auf 2500 m ü.NN ! Ab Mitte Juni bis Ende Oktober kann un darf hier gebürhrenfrei geflogen werden. Imposantes Panorama, thermisch aktive Hänge nach Süd-West über Ost bis Nord.


Contact & Registration

Flying Circus Events
Mr Gerd Holzner
71296 / Heimsheim